10 Questions: Wagers Make the World Go Round

A friend of mine said he’s not going to read my blog because I haven’t posted anything that can be thought of as even remotely personal. I told him he’s an idiot and I don’t need him to read my blog to feel better about myself. Still, I thought, haven’t I posted anything personal on this thing?

Confused, I went through my posts and, well, found out that he’s right. Thought the whole meeting the girl in a coffee shop thing was a wee bit personal, I still managed to narrate it from a third-person POV, which in retrospect is weird.

To balance out the blog, I managed to unearth one of those question surveys that Tumblr is full of. I tweaked what I found a little bit because some of the questions were crap. So anyway, here goes. Feel free to stop reading so you won’t get traumatized by my highly-personal words.

Name: Sean Patrick Jacob Chua Razo

Age: 19, at the moment

Birthday: June 5, 1993

20 Questions

1. What is the meaning behind your blog url, sometimesawriter?

Well, I think that the answer to that question is quite self-evident. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but I’ve also never believed that writing is a full-time job, or even a job at all. I want to write, but I also want to do something with my life that is related to what I’ve been studying for–international relations, foreign service, consular and diplomatic affairs. So sometimes, I am a writer. Sometimes, I’m one of the thousands of unemployed Filipinos.

2. What are your weaknesses?

I’m not exactly sure what is meant here by weaknesses. Off the top of my head, I can think of several meanings to ‘weakness’ in this context. It could refer to the things that annoy me, or the things that get under my skin. It could also refer to what makes my knees feel like jelly, or to what makes butterflies fly around in my stomach. Suffice it to say that I have a lot of weaknesses (who doesn’t?), but what’s the point of weaknesses if not to be overcome?

3. Best friends?

That’s tricky, I think. How do you know if you and someone you know are best friends? You might think of them as a best friend and trust them above anyone else but still end up getting back-stabbed, accused of ruining a relationship, and labeled a scapegoat. *sigh* Ah, memories. Anyway, I’m not going to assume that other people consider me as their best friend. However, the person I consider my best friend at the moment, even though I haven’t seen her for months, is this pretty lady right here.

4. Grab the book nearest you, go to page 23, and copy here line 17. Philosophize. 

“I don’t see that this will help us much,” said Thorin disappointedly after a glance.

I think it’s pretty obvious that the book is Tolkien’s The Hobbit. It’s actually an awesome book, and really light and easy to read compared to the more mature Lord of the Rings series. Anyway, when the line is taken out of context like this, I think I can philosophize (quite stupidly, I’m afraid) that material things–in Thorin’s case, he was talking about a map of Smaug’s Mountain–will not help us in life. We need to find our own ways, with our own strengths, in order to succeed.

5. Biggest turn-offs?

This answer wouldn’t be in a romantic context–it will be in a ‘if you are like this then I really hate you’ context. I really don’t like people who are so closed-minded that they refuse to see the point of other people because they think that anything coming out of their mouth should be regarded as absolute truth. I have pretty strong opinions, and usually they are not the popular opinion, but I am big on tolerance. What’s the point of having free speech if you’re just going to impose your opinion on someone else? Grow up, idiot, and smell the freedom.

6. Phobias?

I have one giant, insurmountable phobia, and a whole host of other phobias that are relatively small and tolerable. I suffer, unfortunately, from a bad case of arachnophobia. Small spiders, even the tiny ones that you see jumping around the house, give me goosebumps. This used to be a real problem since we used to live in an old house which was filled with dinner plate-sized eight-legged freaks. *shivers* Anyway, one of my small phobias is fear of heights. It’s not that much though, since I’ve ziplined and jumped off cliffs and bridges for fun before.

7. Any tattoos or piercings?

No. And I really don’t want any piercings because I just do not understand why people want a piece of metal hanging from their body. Sure, earrings look good when paired with the right outfit. But nose rings? Tongue somethings? Why…just why? In terms of tattoos, I can’t get ’em because I have this skin condition that I don’t really understand but my doctor says tattoo ink will kill me. If I could though, then I would really want a giant Yggdrasil tattoo on my back. Or a whole host of other mythology-related stuff. I’m a big mythology buff, can’t you tell?

8. Celebrity crushes?

HAHAHAHA. At the moment, my biggest celebrity crush would be Emilia Clarke. Last night, I found myself watching and re-watching all of the Emilia Clarke interviews I could find on YouTube, until a friend of mine told me that I need a shrink. I know that, but come on, I promise that you’ll love her when you watch this particular interview. Also, Emma Watson. If you don’t like her that much yet, watch this.

9. Have you ever been on a date?

The friend that I mentioned above actually asked me to include this question–I’m not really sure why. I think he wants everyone to know how non-existent my love life has been. Of course I’ve been on a date before, just not recently. I have the time. The energy, not so much. The drive, not really. The girl, nada. Sorry, man.

10. Role models? 

Well, I have a lot of role models. That doesn’t mean though that I’m just trying to copy what I like about these role models and moving on. Having role models, for me, means that I am trying to learn from these people–about how they tackle life, about how they view the paths to success, etc–and I use all that information as a springboard or a platform from which I can base my own ideas. In this context, my college professors made a huge impact on my life, particularly Miss Eula Villar and Sir George Binay.

I’m pretty sure this was a waste of a time, but–HA HA–I won my bet. If only there was money involved. Damn, I should have asked for money to be involved. 


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