CDA Pickup Lines: An Anthology of the Best Tweets

In the past few days, Twitter users must have noticed the overabundance of hashtags that are love-related–or, more specifically, related to those people that can’t say shit in real life but can do so on Twitter. The latest ones are #AhasLines and #DearCrush. But, if you remember, this all started way back in early October with the hashtag #DyanNagsisimulaYan.

There were a lot of gems on this particular hashtag, of course. You can check some of them here. Not the kind who are willing to just sit idly by and watch history unravel, CDA students came together and formed a response to #DyanNagsisimulaYan and called it #CDAPickupLines. This blog post collects the best of them, for your perusal. Think of this as a more distilled and much more specific version of Barney Stinson’s The Playbook.Β 

NOTE: The following pickup lines are very potent when used on an unwitting CDA hottie (when used on a non-CDA student, all you can hope to get is a bewildered look followed by a get-the-hell-away-from-me glare). If used correctly and desired response does not take place, the fault must be on your part. The problem might be the delivery. Or your face.

  • “So, anong country mo?” -This is the tweet that started it all with the hashtag #CDAPickupLines, because the hasthag #DyanNagsisimulaYan needed a CDA perspective.
  • “I’d like to lay you on the table.”
  • “Why don’t we consolidate our resolutions? Over lunch…?”
  • “Anong committee mo sa MUN? Tara, mag-author tayo ng reso.”
  • “Aling section ie-enlist mo sa COMGOVT? Tara, sabay tayo.”
  • “Hey, wanna merge?”
  • “I didn’t know sexy was a country, but I see you play the role well.”
  • “I don’t mind it when you extend my caucus.”
  • “Are you open to exclusive bilateral relations?”
  • “Save a gavel, bang a Chair.”
  • “May I lay you on the table, Madame Chair?”
  • “Tara, sama tayo sa IMUN.”
  • “I’d like to penetrate your borders. I hope you don’t mind Greece too.”
  • “I’d like to put my amendment into your resolution. Oh yes I do.”
  • “Uyyy, pareho pala tayo ng committee?”
  • “Secretariat? More like..Sexytariat.”
  • “Dude, partner tayo sa thesis!”
  • “Topic ka ba? I’d love to table you.”
  • “I hope our mindmaps…connect. Hihi.”
  • “Come over to my place! Research tayo para sa COMGOVT.”
  • “Kita tayo sa LRC bukas, aral tayo para sa finals.”
  • “May handouts ka na? Tara, kuha tayo kay Kuya Manong CDA.”

These tweets are mostly from my Twitter account, and these two lovely Twitter users: @neeleshnowin3d and @chikinonymous. I’m sure there are a lot more pickup lines out there that the CDA community has been using for ages. In a setting filled with the pressure to excel, how can you not give way to the many temptations and distractions, right?

So if you have your own pickup lines that you want to share, head on over to the comments section and let everyone else know. Remember, you’re helping ugly people get laid. Just like alcohol.


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