Top 5 Signs That Mean You Attended a CDA Party

The CDA community is notorious for its love of good booze and great food.

I don’t think there are any watering holes around De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde that we haven’t gone to. My batchmates will remember (vividly) Marivic’s Bistro (need I point out where this beloved establishment was once located?) and the many nights we spent getting drunk there and basically breaking stuff and shouting at passers-by from the second floor.

Fun Fact: If you Google “Marivic’s Bistro”, one of the top results would be Dora’s photo. Why is that?

I’m basing this blog post, by the way, on the CDA-organized get-togethers that I’ve been to. I have no idea if the same holds true for the parties you’ve been to, so if you have different ideas, feel free to clog up the comments below.

For my part, here are the top five signs that you attended a CDA party–and that it was a great one:


There’s only one rule in a CDA party: No one fucks with the booze. People in the party can’t care less if you break your neck or smash everything within arm’s reach but you should never, ever, mess with the alcohol.

Even if you’re gonna get thrown into the pool, if you’re holding a drink, someone’s gonna take the drink from you and keep it safe until you rise from the murky depths like the creature from the Black Lagoon.

2. Batch Representation

A real CDA party does not discriminate when it comes to ID number. The thing about the CDA community is that it is a real community, without classes or discrimination. You’re only going to get ostracized if you’re a dick. So–I’m begging you here–don’t be a freaking dick.

Case in point: the party I went to this weekend. The bulk of the attendees were ID#109. There were a few 108 people (we’re a dying breed), as well as a smattering of 110s. There were even sightings of rare representatives of the 107 and higher batches–they’re hard to find because they seldom admit that they’re that old.

3. Reverse Cell Division

You know how cells divide to form other cells? Well, with CDA parties, it’s the other way around. The party starts off slowly with people gathering in groups, depending on their circle of friends/batch/mutual defense treaty co-members. But, like Goten and Trunks from the Dragonball series after performing the Fusion Dance, sooner or later all of the factions are going to merge into a single writhing mass of people.

Yes, that was a Dragonball reference.

4. The Catalyst

Like I said above, CDA parties tend to start with people clumping together into different groups. The awkward silence is only gonna get broken via a catalyst, and that can be one of three things, two of which will be discussed in this point. The first one is food.

When Abbu (yes, it’s almost always Abbu) starts serving the fruits of his hard work in the kitchen, people are gonna run to the source of the juicy goodness, totally forgetting that they used to be shy and awkward around other people that aren’t part of their usual circle of friends. People start sitting together, they start talking and meeting people they don’t know, and cameras keep clicking away happily to capture moments with new friends.

The second catalyst, as you might have guessed, is the booze.

Pro tip: If you really want people at your party to get really drunk, make sure this guy’s there. When Brai gets hold of the alcohol, he’s not gonna stop until everyone–and I mean everyone–in the party looks like they’re gonna be nursing a hangover the morning after. Here are a few more pictures of Brai in action:

They call alcohol a social lubricant for a reason. After throwing back a few shots, people start getting loose and talkative, and this is where the real fun begins.

5. The Shenanigans

So let’s see. People have been fed. People are now drunk. What’s left?

How about dragging people to the pool…

…and throwing them in?

Or how about doing La Salle cheers while hammered?

Or messing with a drunk and/or passed out friend?

Or, better yet, going all Charlie’s Angels on a rock, in the wee hours of the morning, in foggy Tagaytay?

There’s more where that came from. That’s just to give you a Rated PG taste of what we do when hammered.

BONUS: You think you remember everything about the party, but when you go through the pictures, you see scenes that your brain just can’t match up with a memory. 

These scenes can go from the mundane to the utterly bizarre. Like people doing shit you wouldn’t normally expect them to ever do.

i.e. Freaking Neelesh Sajnani washing the goddamn plates.

Sorry, that’s all I have re this point. All the other pictures are no longer Rated PG and may spark controversy and/or ruin reputations.

The point I’m trying to make here is this: if you go to a CDA party, you’re gonna have fun. And you’re gonna be either of two things by the end of everything: really really drunk, or total blackout.


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