The Nice Guy Syndrome, The Friendzone, and Everything In Between

Today I’m going to talk about three things: (1) the Nice Guy Syndrome, (2) The Friendzone *shudder*, and (3) how to get out of the Friendzone.

This post was triggered by a conversation with a friend a few hours ago about the difference between the Nice Guy Syndrome, getting Friendzoned, and the Filipino term torpe, which I will explain in a bit. I find it amazing how so many people don’t know the difference between these things because these are important, especially if you’re a teenager with raging hormones playing the dating game, stalking hapless prey like the Predator.

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Les Misérables (2012): Livetweets and Post-Movie Reflections

The Philippines, as some of you may know, has an annual film fest designed to showcase the works of the local movie industry. This means that every year there are two weeks dedicated solely to local films. This is a good idea, since it helps revitalize the ailing Filipino movie business, but that also means that a lot of Hollywood films get pushed back to make way for these local productions.

So Les Misérables, which should have screened in the country on the 25th of December, did not show until the 16th of January. This meant that a lot of local Les Mis fans were writhing in agony for almost a month while their counterparts abroad got to enjoy the movie musical. This resulted in countless Filipinos scouring the Internet for good copies of the movie, which may or may not be something I condone.

So how did I manage to livetweet the movie? Well, there are two options. One, I may or may not have had my phone out while watching the movie in the cinema and was tweeting away during the whole thing. Or two, I may or may not have gotten a very clear copy of a DVD screener floating around the Internet even before the film showed in the country. Cue coin toss.

So here goes the livetweeting.

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