Living Through History: Why Our Generation is the Luckiest By Far

So I saw Lincoln today.

If you’ve watched the movie, you’ll know that it isn’t the usual sweeping biopic that tries to distill the entire life of the president in under two hours. The movie instead focused on the days leading up to the voting of the House of Representatives on the Thirteenth Amendment, which would abolish slavery and involuntary servitude in the US, except as punishment for a crime.

The movie had no action scenes or whatever, but it still conveyed a sense of emotion that only Spielberg–helped along with the awesome Daniel Day Lewis–could pull off. And the Thirteenth Amendment is no small thing either–it pushed for human rights in an age where human rights was but a distant and lofty idea. I teared up during the movie, no lie.

Anyway, after the movie, while people were filing out of the cinema, I heard a girl say to her friend, “OMG that was so great! I really felt like I’m part of history. I wish I’d lived through historic moments like that too!

I literally stopped in my tracks.

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An Open Letter From Me to Every Girl in the World

I write this letter not to make you laugh. I know that that’s a big departure from what this blog is about but I’m seeing a lot of female friends who are having problems in life (especially with the added pressures of Valentine’s Day hanging over their heads) and I feel that what I’m going to write next needs to be said. So here goes.

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Original ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Concepts That I Love


For a while now, I’ve belonged to that group of people in fandom hell—those who aren’t sure just how they feel about a certain TV show. How I Met Your Mother (which will henceforth be referred to as HIMYM) has been on the air for eight seasons (around 7 years), and still no mother has been introduced. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show with all my heart, but there is a certain part of me that yearns for closure.

I’m not alone in this, mind you–there are even ex-fans who slowly became bitter and just wanted the show to end already. Regardless of all that, however, there is no denying that HIMYM is a great show, just like FRIENDS was in its heyday. And, like the awesome concepts that FRIENDS made up or popularized–who can forget the lobster theory or that shark porn episode?–HIMYM has also been a treasure trove of great ideas.

Here are some of my favorites:

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Foreign Relationship Words That Should Have English Counterparts

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means that just about anything that’s even remotely related to love will sell. I’m not just jumping on the bandwagon here–love is in the air, and it’s really quite impossible not to get high from it unless you live alone and have like a dozen cats. But, since I’m more of a dog person, I have been bitten by the love bug, which is why I am writing this article.

As evidenced by that photo up top, there are a lot of ways to say ‘love’ or ‘I love you’. Everybody knows this. I’m sure if you stop everyone you see on the street, each one of them can give you at least another version of ‘I love you’ in a different language–before they Mace you, that is. But that’s love, which is a pretty large concept and one of the most important emotions in life.

So what about the small things, like the feeling you get when you run your hand through your girlfriend’s hair, or that ache in your heart that you get when you’re far away from the one you love? For some reason, the English language is woefully inadequate when it comes to relationship-centric words, which is why I go to different languages to provide you with a laundry list of words that the English language should have.

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Word Vomit: A Writer’s Take on Why People Have Blogs

“A blog is not writing. It’s graffiti with punctuation.”

Though the movie Contagion might have been a snooze-fest for most people (my dad fell asleep midway), it did drop this gem of a quote and managed to offend bloggers everywhere. This line was said to Jude Law who played a blogger whose blog had about twelve million unique hits. If he’s just a mere graffiti artist, how about smaller blogs that only have a couple of dozen hits a day?

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