Lessons Learned from Video Games That Make Us Better People

If you’re even the most casual of gamers, there’s been that moment when you were minding your own business and just playing a video game and someone walks up to you, sees you sprawled on the couch with Cheeto stains all over you, and starts lecturing you on how you’re wasting your life and how you should start dealing with the “real world”. And, if you’re like me, you might have wanted to throw the controller at them.

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It Gets Better: Why Suicide or Self-Harm Isn’t Your Only Option

I am from the Philippines, one of the most conservative countries in Asia and maybe even the world. We’re still a long way away from legalization of gay marriage–heck, we can’t even implement a law that is designed to help women. It is no surprise then that things like depression and suicide and self-harm are topics that are considered taboo. But we have to talk about these things, because we have a lot more to lose if we don’t.

Let’s go straight to the point then.

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Five Actors Who Can Play The Twelfth Doctor

Even if you’re the most casual¬†Doctor Who¬†fan, you’d have heard by now of the news that the next Doctor might be a woman. This could be anyone from comedian Sue Perkins, to movie star Emma Thompson and—the person the Internet is most clamoring for—Sherlock’s Lara Pulver.

I think we all remember her.

But, since this piece of news is still unconfirmed, I’m going to assume that the next Doctor would still be a dude and, if tradition holds, he will not be ginger. In that spirit, the lists I will be presenting in this post will be a collection of British dudes who I think might be awesome if chosen to play the Doctor. Yes, I said lists. Two. One for those I like but not that much (in short, the honorable mentions). And two, the actual list.

Here we go.

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