Conquering Cardio: Tips for New Runners

As I’ve mentioned before. I’m trying to ease myself into a more active lifestyle and part of it is doing a lot of cardio. The first thing you learn when you walk into a gym with your beer belly slung over your tight gym shorts like a waggling tongue is that you need to lose weight first before you try and gain a lot of muscle.

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Don’t Be ‘That Guy’: 10 Things You Should Never Do In The Gym

In the last few months, I’ve started easing myself into a more active lifestyle. This started when I moved into a building that actually had its own gym, which made it impossible for me to use ‘but the gym is too faaar!’ as an excuse not to work out. I’m not a serious gym addict or whatever, but I do see the benefits of exercise and the endorphins (which will henceforth be referred to as ‘happy juice’) that come with the burn.

I work out every other day to maintain this shit body, and I have seen a lot of weird and annoying things in the gym that would have led to murder if it were legal. Seriously though, if murder were legal, there’d be a lot of dead people right now. Anyway, a workout session can get really crappy really fast if you’re sharing the gym with an asshole(s).

So I’m begging you, don’t be that guy.

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