The Most Annoying Things in the World

You. You annoy me.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s introduce this list. This is to commemorate all of the little things that annoy you everyday. We’re all familiar with the bigger things that can annoy us, but do we really stop and try to identify what small things can drive us so high up the wall that we leave footprints on the ceiling? Well, here’s my attempt to do just that.

Without further ado, I present the most annoying things in the world, according to me (NOTE: Some of them are in pictures because I just can’t turn my frustration into words):

1. A cookie that’s too big to dunk in your glass of milk.

2. When you’re walking down a hall and somebody comes up to you and you two try to figure out which way to go without bumping into each other.

3. When you are just about to beat a game but then the somebody trips over a wire and knocks the whole system down.

4. When you’re almost done with a long paper then the computer freezes and you lose all your work.

5. People that talk with their mouth full or chew with it open.

6. This.

7. Nosy and/or racist relatives.

8. Bad Grammar/Incorrect Spelling – The amount of people that still get confused with your/you’re, were/where/we’re, there/they’re/their and should of/should have. It bugs me.

9. People who don’t use the Oxford Comma.

10. Waiting for a torrent to finish downloading but there are no seeders and it’s downloading at less than 1kb/s.

11. Seeing highly irrelevant Facebook statuses like ‘bored :(‘ or ‘its raining..’. Who the hell cares, and I have my own window, asshole.

12. Mosquitoes.

13. People who are nice to you only when they need something.

14. People who borrow money and get angry when you ask them to pay it back.

15. This.

16. “It’s not you, it’s me.”

17. When someone has to smack their lips when they’re chewing.

18. People that chew their gum like retarded cows.

19. People who think that their opinions are unquestionable. It’s called an opinion asshole, not a fact.

20. People who write like THiS Lyk OmG tH3y l00K L!K3 T0TaL !D!0tS Wen deY RyT lYK D!zZ.

21. This.

22. People who have a lot of pretty pictures, but choose to use really rather ugly photo as profile picture.

23. Attractive people with private Facebook profiles.

24. Girls who think they’re soooo hot. Even if they are, the arrogance is such a turn-off.

25. When you’re walking behind slow people with no way around them.

26. When people complain over and over about how much their life sucks.

27. Commercial breaks that seem to last forever.

28. Commercials that are relatively short, but are played back to back or again and again.

29. People who don’t say “thank you” after you hold the door open for them.

30. This.

31. Couples who make out when you’re supposed to be hanging out together, making you the third wheel.

32. Friends who you never see anymore when they get a boyfriend/girlfriend.

33. People who say ‘like’ and ‘you know’ all the damn time.

34. People who can’t take a hint.

35. Public cellphone conversations.

36. This.

37. Dropping stuff by the side of the car seat.

38. Sparkling water. The title is so misleading–“sparkling water” makes it sound like some amazing magical water–not some horrible gassy monstrosity.

39. YouTube slideshows.

40. Speaking of YouTube, this.

41. People who enjoy telling you they aren’t on Facebook, like it’s some gigantic achievement.

42. Turning up the volume at the quiet start of the film because you think maybe your volume’s too low then BOOM. Shattered eardrums.

43. The sock that somehow escaped into the Twilight Zone. Because you just know you put two socks into the wash, and only one came out. Is your washing machine the entrance to Narnia?

44. Wobbly tables or chairs. You know, the ones with legs that aren’t the same length.

45. Finishing a good tweet, having -1 characters left, and then having to decide which grammar crime to commit.

46. That one bit of sun that shines directly on the TV and it makes the picture all washed out and hard to see.

47. This. Just…this.

48. When you’re in bed and already comfortable but then you get the urge to pee.

49. Misusing the word ‘literally’.

50. Losing a bottle lid/cap.

51. Trying to turn a nonexistent page. There you are reading through a book or your favorite magazine and the damn pages won’t turn properly, you moisten your finger and thumb and to no avail. That next page just won’t separate. Then you check the page numbers and realize that there isn’t a page there, you’re turning from page 10 to 11 and trying to access some mythical page 10.5.

52. This.

53. When you can’t read your own handwriting.

54. Not being able to decide what music to listen to.

55. Standing on a lego.

56. Showing the credits at the start of the film. Come on, this isn’t a Bond movie is it?

57. Trying to find your car in a car park filled with cars.

58. Ring pull coming off without opening the can. What am I supposed to do now, can-makers?

59. Getting your zipper caught. Especially if it’s on a piece of skin.

60. Facebook comments and the Enter key. I’m sure most of the world is familiar with the concept of a paragraph, it would appear the developers at Facebook aren’t.

61. This.

62. Figuring out the perfect comeback hours after you’ve been insulted.

63. The overly-long chapter. Now I like reading, as I’m sure many of you do, and I often read just before bed. I’ll get in and read a short chapter and think “oh one more can’t hurt” so I set off and it turns out it’s the longest chapter known to man and I just can’t bring myself to stop mid chapter.

64. Movies as book covers.

65. Really short laptop power cables.

66. When it feels like your phone rang/went off, but it didn’t.

67. Dirty touch screen devices. Seriously, wipe that shit down.

68. That moment when you get out of a pool and all your clothes cling to you, revealing your flabby body.

69. People who text you first but never reply again when you text back.

70. People who call you but don’t answer when you miss the call and immediately call them back. Did you die in the last two minutes?

71. When people say “I knew that band before they were mainstream”.

72. When parents say, “Because I said so”.

73. This.

74. Kids who try to grow up too fast because they think being all grown up (with all the responsibilities that come with it) is awesome.

75. Being the only person in a small shop.

76. A website that automatically plays a song when you open it.

77. When a part of your body itches just when you’ve finished painting your nails to perfection.

78. When you can’t find the remote.

79. When your eraser, instead of erasing the pencil marks, just causes it to smudge and make your work look like total shit.

80. When you fix your parents’ or relative’s computer once and now they go to you with all their computer problems.

81. The new YouTube layout.

Seriously, who likes this shit?

82. Accidentally placing a spoon under a running tap, getting water everywhere.

83. Missing a spot while shaving and only finding out about it hours later.

84. Waiting at a crossing for the green man.

85. Plastic packaging that’s impossible to open.

86. People who like their own status on Facebook.

87. When people say you’re a dumbass for not knowing something, but them not knowing something that you know means that you’re a weirdo who spends too much time on the Internet.

88. Tripping over nothing. It just makes you look like an idiot.

89. Forgetting how to walk when you need to walk past a cute girl(s).

90. Religious nuts who are just itching to find someone willing to debate with them. The same goes for annoying atheists who feel that they need to tell everyone why they are atheists.

91. When you spend a lot of energy on a long text and the reply you get? ‘K’.

92. When someone says that they are best friends with your bestfriend. How about no?

93. Getting popcorn stuck in your teeth.

94. Those chain messages that tell you you’ll suffer horrible consequences if you don’t share/reblog/repost stuff.

95. Accidentally stepping into a wet spot or puddle while wearing fresh socks.

96. That moment when the bottom of your foot itches but you can’t scratch it because you have a shoe on.

97. When someone cleans up your stuff and you can’t find whatever it is you’re looking for.

98. That song you don’t like that gets stuck in your head.

99. Live Jasmine pop-up ads. Or, uh, pop-up ads in general.

100. In the context of my country, men of the cloth who just can’t understand that the Philippines is a secular state.


2 thoughts on “The Most Annoying Things in the World

    • …so why is it still buffering? I’ve encountered this a lot with YouTube videos. They load (the white part grows) then while playing it the video will stop and buffer, despite the, as you say, loaded part.

      Annoying really.

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